Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sad, stiffly Sa

Feeling a bit crappy today. Some allergen has got a hold of me today and not let me go. I suffered all day at work until about 1:30 (that may not seem like all day but I started at 6am so it was), until a nice co-worker got some hay fever tabs and shared. I'm still not feeling even 60% 7 hours later. Melanie's going out for a run, and I just can't. My nose is raw and the more I move around the more it runs. Medication or not. I want to go :( but I know reality is I can't.

I used to suffer 6 months of the year with allergies in Canada but haven't suffered at all since I've been here, until today.

So I'm pouting just a little bit. *stomps foot* I wanna go too! Damn allergy attack.

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