Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sa's week two 12 week challenge

I firstly appologise to the blog readers to the repeat pictures. This is an entry for a challenge. Deal with it! :P!!!

So as I wrote before in one of the threads, I had trouble with paying it forward. Not because I'm a mean person, but because I'm horribly shy and introverted. In my daily life, I do small nice things for people all the time, but with this challenge, I really felt pressured and that I HAD to, which really sucked the joy out of it for me and made me anxious to the point that when I finally did do it (by giving the guy at the counter at the gym the money for the next person who wanted a gatorade) that my hands were shaking and I was having a near on panic attack. Not what was intended by this challenge I know, but this was not just out of my comfort zone, but put me over the edge into anxiety. I think it also says something that it was Sunday before I could do it, literally the last day possible.

Besides that part of the challenge, I think the week went well, even with a few days of forced inactivity (due to blood donation and an allergy attack).

1. Tell a story of how someone went out of their way and changed your day or your life.

2. Where are you right now physically? Where do you want to be in 11 weeks?

3. What area of your life from last week can you improve on this week? Food? Exercise? Family? Career?

1. I think the first thing that comes into my mind was once when getting on a plane and leaving my family I was quite clearly very upset. I was crying and lingering, not wanting to leave, as I didn't know when I’d be back. The flight attendant was patiently waiting for me to board (I was the last one) and gave me a sympathetic look. Once I was seated, before we even took off, she approached me and placed a gentle hand on my shoulder asking me if I was alright and offering me a bottle of water. This small act made a world of difference to me, enough that I emailed the airline complimenting her service and care.

2. Right now I’m feeling better about myself, but I know that I still have a long way to go. When I was unable to workout, I felt like I was slacking and I WANTED to be doing something. This is a good sign, the fact that I missed moving and wanted to do more of it. In 11 weeks, I hope to be nearer to my goal weight and fitting into my smaller clothes.

3. I’m attempting to improve my stamina. I think this really needs some work and this is the area I’m focusing on currently. That and getting ready for the 5km fun run in a week and a half. I want to be able to do well, well by my own standards.

Five quantifiable goals reassessed at the start of week 2

· No more junk food. Chips, chocolate, cookies are my downfall

-Awesome. No naughty food at all this week.

· run/jog 3 x/week

-went 4 times last week, three times this week, even with the week messed up with allergies.

· Drink more than 3 bottles (600mls each) of water/day

-drinking 3 ½-5 bottles (depending on activity level) every day

· Improve my 5km a little time every time I do it

-I’m working on this, however the bathroom issue is a major hindrance when road running. The gym helps with this, but I can’t run 45 mins-ish at the gym. Far too boring.

· Get out more with the kids walking (at least once a week)

-plans to do this Friday …DONE and continuing

Push ups

Last week 15, this week 17 20

Intermediate/Advanced: 30 extra minutes of intense work like last week + 200 jumping jacks. (all at once or spread out)

Monday: Rest (blood donation)

Tuesday: 70 minutes light and low class (Intense) 9x8 = 72 jumping jacks 17 pushups

Wednesday: (high activity work, allergy attack)

Thursday: Felt really off and hot

Friday: 32 minutes 3.5km (17 pushups), 43 sec plank (back issue) 10 min strength, 70 min 6km=112 minutes

After 5kms of the 6km walk with Kelly and the kids.

Saturday: Zumba 60 mins (48 jumping jacks) 10 min strength 23 sec plank, 20 pushups =70minutes

After Zumba! We had a ball!!

Sunday: ran c25k, 3.4km in 31 mins, strength workout 60 mins (including 80 jmpjks) =91 minutes

After the treadmill attack. It's not pretty, but it's real.

Weekly Total =343 minutes 200 jumping jacks

Write 4 things you did well every night

Monday: off low carb but ate lower than normal carb, was motivated and handed in Uni papers and hung flyers to sell books, drank 3 bottles of water, wasn’t sick on a windy hilly road (yay)

Tuesday: pushed through class, made monte cristo sandwiches for the kids, and had tuna, crackers and veggie sticks for myself (yay), had dill pickles for an afternoon snack, ate normal portion for dinner even though I was starving!

Wednesday: stayed at work even through massive allergy attack, just drank my goal water, did not snack on kindy sandwiches and instead had a healthy mango smoothie.

Thursday: did some washing, ate well, drank well

Friday: Went to the gym even though I didn’t want to, took the kids for a walk (ride) around Riverway, about 6km (one of my goals), Drank LOADS of water.

Saturday: Tried something new, ZUMBA, and it was fun. Ate awesomely with calories to spare, started tracking with myfitnesspal, did 20 pushups.

Sunday: had awesome gym session and pushed myself and a friend, did exercises I normally avoid, ate well, drank loads

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