Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do Life challenge week 2 - Sunshine/Me

Week 2 do Life challenge 

Homework! Questions to answer in this thread before Submission Day:

  1. Tell a story of how someone went out of their way and changed your day or your life.
My friend Jenny, we both were at a point in our lies where we were struggling. Her, with unruly children she felt no one tolerated, myself with post natal depression, and we both felt we had nobody. We met at a playgroup one day and the next afternoon I noticed her picking up her children from school and asked her in for coffee. This was the start of a beautiful friendship. She helped me to organise my life, to get my home and mhyself back in order. We expected nothing from each other and she picked me up when the days just seemed to hard. She took shelter with me when the mornings came too soon and she barely made it out the door. It was because of her support and friendship that I was able to recover. She was there for me again when I struggled after the birth of my last child as well (again) and dropped everything on several occasions when I was not coping to come and hold me up. And it was also because of her that I go on the weight loss wagon successfully. Jenny didn’t just change my life, She saved me.

  1. Where are you right now physically? Where do you want to be in 11 weeks?
 I am feeling stronger and leaner ( less bloated). I have already met my goal of the sub 40 min 5k. Feeling good! I am drinking plenty of water. My Exercise this week has been varied and constant. Pushed myself in the running department this week and ran a good time.

3. What area of your life from last week can you improve on this week? Food? Exercise? Family? Career?
How about Family food? We have been cutting back on processed foods encouraging the kids to have fruit for snacks. And so far the kids have been fairly good at this. Exercise was harder to achieve this week, I worked longer hours. But I still managed to rock it!

Monday: I donated blood so Exercise was out for 24 hours. Ate well and drank loads of water, double even due to my donation.

Tuesday: Light and Lo class. Was a little tough for me .I was struggling a little with hip pain and was a little sluggish from my donation the day before. (+60mins) then we did some Push ups and Planked after. ( +10min)

Wednesday: I ran solo after work. Did a great time for me, 38in 42 seconds. Sa was about with Allergies
Sweaty mess after my solo sub 40 min Run.
Thursday: rested – I worked late shift at work. Was active all day, unpacking stock.

Friday- Ran on the treadmill at the gym. 3.4km in 32 mins. Not my best effort but I really dislike running on the treadmill. (+32mins)  Then we planked and did Push-ups and stretches ( 30 in one set)  ( total = +45)

Saturday: we Zumba’d 60 mins off uncoordinated dance awesomeness. (+60mins) Also sarting using Finesspal. Trailing it out to see how we like it. So far so good! 

Sunday: Ran on the treadmill at the gym. 32 mins 3.54km. Then Did a strength work out with Sa and pal Kelly. Boxing, abs, lunges, pushups, tricep kickbacks, Jumping jacks (total = 92 mins.)

Total = 306 mins

Paying it forward-

I gave two ladies change today at a coffee shop to pay for their coffee. I was coming back from my banking run at work. And I had stopped to pick up some Sugar-free sweets for my boss. I simply walked over and put it down and said ' Ladies, your next coffee is on me. Have a nice day!" They grabbed me and asked me if I was ok! I told them I just wanted them to have a nice day and enjoy their coffee .I think I shocked them, I walked away with them with their mouths a gape! It made me smile. Felt good.

X2: Mild one really- I let an older lady go ahead of me in the line In the Ladies. She was a little more needy. She was thankful after asking if I was sure.

 Jumping jacks : 205
Plank: 49 sec
Push ups non stop:30

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