Monday, January 9, 2012

And the total is............!!!!!!

After a week of a low Carb, high protein diet. Exercising our bums off and challenging ourselves with early morning and night time runs, Sa and I weighed in this morning. And we both had FANTASTIC losses over the week. YAY us!!

And the stats are:

Mel: Starting weight: 93.6kg
Weigh in today: .......90.4kg
= 3.2 kg loss!!!! ( 7 lbs)

Sa: Starting Weight: 90kg
weigh in today:......87.1kg
= 2.9kg loss!!!! (6.5 lbs)

We are off to a great start for our new year!!! We are both so thrilled at our results. *Happy Dance*

Now I forgot to post up my Self portrait yesterday Morning so here it is!

Mel - week one

Meh, well there it is.  But I can see that I am less bloated and My skin look great. So that is the positive spin I am putting on it today! :)
No exercise for me today, I gave blood this morning and Im not allowed strenuous exercise for 24hrs. Which is Ok, cause that means I can still Do my class tomorrow Morning!! WOOT!

Till next time people!

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