Friday, January 27, 2012

Aussie day Fun run- Mel.

So we ran it again this year and I was very happy with my progress on last year!! I had roped Sa in again as well as some co-workers. All I wanted to do was finish it in better time than last year. That was my goal. And I DID! Ran it in 41:44 last year. This year it was 37:42. 4 Minutes better than last year! Not massive difference, But we have been back on track less than a month so I thrilled enough.

2012 Aussie day Fun run - Mel
It was a very over cast day and it had rained all night so I was happy enough to get up to dry skies, even if it was cloudy.It was meant to rain, but the rain held off and it meant the Sun wasn't beating down on us either.  It was a little muggy but It was a rather comfortable 27c.  We have been training for this so we were super keen. I had planned to run even if it was raining. I had been looking forward to it it.

I have to say I have really started to enjoy running and have decided to do the upcoming Mother's day ( May) run too. So hopefully by then my speed and Endurance will have built up! I never really thought I would or could be a runner. But I hope that by the end Of the year I will be both.

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