Friday, January 13, 2012

Sa plays catch up.

Hello loyal readers :)

So, because of circumstances beyond my control, I haven't been able to do as much as I would have liked to this week. Today, I feel like I made up for it. This morning Melanie and I went to the gym and ran week 2 of c25k. I did alright although by the end I was a bit pooped. And speaking of.... I didn't even have to stop! Was waiting for it for sure! But I digress...
We also worked on our pushups, and planks. I'm still sitting at 17 push ups, after much deliberation about form. And 43 second plank, but my back spasmed at that point and I had to drop.
After the morning run, I went for a walk in the afternoon with a friend and the kids around Riverway. We walked the whole thing, which is just short of 4km, then walked back to the park for the kids to play (another 1km) and back again to the cars (another 1km). We ran a little but it was much much too hot to keep it up for long. Was definitely a good walk for sure. It took us between 60-70 minutes for all that walking. Which is pretty good with 4 kids in tow stopping for drinks and bike issues.

So here's a selfie of me from my new phone once we finally sat down. The kids had donuts, we shared a protein bar lol

Apparently I'm winking for some reason. I dunno why. I actually like this pic though!

anyway, I feel like I've made up for the lack of movement at the start of the week. YAY for me!

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