Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gotta love a great workout!! - Day 2

So we dragged our backsides off to the gym this morning to checkout a class, we have done this one before and the instructor is always fantastic at making you work really hard! But OMG, it had obviously been WAY too long between classes cause she was ON it today! We went a whole 1 hr 10 minutes today and did not stop moving at any point. My whole body already aches all over. We did So many damn squats today...My legs hurt so much!! We did some good push ups too! YAY! But we knew that we would need proof that we worked hard...So of course we got a photo! WOOHOO!

Two very sweaty girls after a good arse kicking workout!
So there it is. it was a great class and we totally did the extra Intense workout that we had to do for the Challenge.

Now food wise, we have been ROCKING!. Eating well, sticking to the plan and enjoying trying a few new things! Its great. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes in my body and on the scales! I already feel a lot less bloated! Water in take has been pretty good too. I have notice that my sugar withdrawal symptoms have been the worst this time round. Which really does not surprise me, considering the crap we had been eating. But yesterday was far worse than today. I got by without a nap too! Hahah!   The side effects most felt have been headaches and general lethargy which is jut from lack of direct sugar fuelling our bodies. our bodies are relying on a different form of fuel.


Feeling great and still excited to be on this ride!



  1. Way to go, Ladies! I need to get my backside moving too! And I can totally relate to the sugar withdrawals! Keep up the momentum!

  2. Thanks For the encouragement Jacqueline!! :)