Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4

Hello all,

We got our butts up early again and ran, kinda, at 5am this morning. Both of us were a bit stiff and sore from the class on Tuesday still, but we went. I always seem to have a problem when walking/running. :( I always have to go to the bathroom about halfway though. Sometimes that's a good 15 min walk from a bathroom which is not easy. It's super frustrating and I can't figure out how to stop it. It affects the quality of our run and the time. And down right pisses me off. *sigh* Anyway.

At work today (kindy/daycare) it was one of the kids birthdays, so of course, cake. But not just any cake, THREE chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting. Being on quick start I couldn't even have the tiniest taste and it smelled SOOOOOOOOO good! Had to make it, make the frosting, frost it, cut it and serve it. Then dump all the little bits in the bin (this was painful) and watch all the munchkins eating their delicious cake. Jealous much? Naaah..... man it looked good. I didn't have any. Not even a little frosting. So proud of myself but it was SO hard!!! I had to eat a sugar free lolly just to keep myself from eating it!

So, no picture today. We may be reconsidering this early morning stuff, and postponing it until evenings. It's a pain in the butt getting up that early, then I'm tired for the rest of the day. blah.

Well, that's all for today. Eating plan still going excellently! Lets hope the scales are good to us on Sunday/Monday.

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