Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sa's Week one, 12 week challenge

So here's my first entry for the 12 week challenge on the Do Life Movement forum.

First off, Me at the end of week 1, don't I look excited! lol

Please forgive me, I had some formatting problems!

I don’t have a clever poem or anything else witty to say, just something from the heart.

I was never the skinny kid not the really fat one either, but most of my friends were smaller than me. I watched my Mom struggle with her weight, although she never really looked big to me. She did something similar to weight watchers when I was a kid, and they tried to feed me healthy meals. I was picky, but I ate fairly well. As a teenager I discovered Jazzercise and LOVED it. I went regularly, 3 times a week, sometimes two classes a night. At my fittest then, I was about 160 lbs or 72kg, (I’m 5’6). At 19, during my first real relationship, I ended up living with my ex’s parents for a while. They ate fast food 3-4 times a week, and in that first year, I packed on 60 lbs or about 28kg. That’s a LOT for one year. It just stayed on after that. Gaining even a little more every now and then. I lost my love for activity and grew pretty lethargic. I stayed heavy, my heaviest at 245lbs or 111kg. I started Jenny Craig then and lost about 15 lbs, but still didn’t have the initiative to move. I tried to get it back a few times during these years, but my low fitness level discouraged me and I quit.

I met my friend Melanie and a few years after knowing her, she lost a huge 53kg (over 100lbs). SHE has been my inspiration. I knew that if she could do it, I could. She set her mind to it and through hard work of eating right and exercise she did it! And so did I when I moved out to Australia. I lost 30kg (60ish lbs) and felt amazing. After about a year or so, we started to slack and gain weight again. I’ve probably gained back half of what I’ve lost, so I need at least another 15 kg off. We both felt wrong and out of sorts in our own bodies and so here it is again. My pledge to keep it off this time. It was too much damn hard work to just let it fall apart again.

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I don't know why this is underlined, but I can't seem to

remove it.

Anyways, I think this can go for both eating something I shouldn't, 'are the calories worth the 10 seconds of pleasure?'sometimes this is yes, but mostly NO, or the workout 'is the effort worth the result? YES'

Five quantifiable goals and current status at the beginning of week 1

1. No more junk food. Chips, chocolate, cookies or tasty treats from kindy. These things are my downfall

-Have been eating whatever I want

· 2. run/jog 3 x/week

-Began this 2nd Jan. have done it a few times years ago. Am committed to keep going.

· 3. Drink more than 3 bottles (600mls each) of water/day

-BAD at this. Currently drink about 2 depending on activity and temperature

· 4. Improve my 5km a little time every time I do it

-. 5 km average is about 48 minutes atm

· 5. Get out more with the kids walking (at least once a week)

-Don’t do this at all currently, but the kids need the activity as well. Once a week even around Riverway (walking paths) would be good. They can bike, skateboard or walk.

As many pushups as I can

Modified but straight torso as opposed to bending at hips: 15, more than I expected WOOT!

Do 120 minutes of exercise this week/ Add 30 minutes to your average week and push the intensity

Monday: 45 min 5km jog

After our first 5am jog

Tuesday: 70 minutes light’n’low aerobic class INTENSE

Wednesday: (worked at kidy high movement)

Thursday: (worked at kidy high movement) 48 min 5km walk/jog intervals

Friday: 15 mins Jillian Michaels 30 day shred & 45 min 5km jog =60 mins

Still beet red after 20 minutes sitting in front of the fan!

Saturday: 40 min 4km jog

Sunday:25 min 10km bike, 5.5 min 0.5km hike, 1 hr 20 min weights =1hr 50 mins

Weekly Total = 373 minutes or 6 hours 13 minutes

Identify your biggest excuse.

· I’m tired.

Ways to eliminate.

· Just get up and do it! You’ll feel better after!

· Go to bed earlier.

Each night before bed, write four things you did well that day

Monday: Got up at 5am for a jog! Ate well, Cleaned up the whole garage/toy room, Drank loads of water

Tuesday: Worked hard at gym, Took the kids to the aquarium, Ate well, Drank lots of water

Wednesday: No energy drink, Worked even though I was exhausted, Packed a great meal for lunch, Resisted delicious smelling banana cake

Thursday: Got up early for jog, Resisted awesome chocolate cake, Cleaned the house when got home from work, Ate well and drank loads of water

Friday: Ate well, Drank 5 bottles of water (600 mls each), Initiated own exercise (jillian dvd), Put all I had into my run

Saturday: Ate meals and one snack, Drank plenty of water, Organised myself to sell uni textbooks, Ran even though I didn’t feel very well

Sunday: Got up earlyish to go to the gym even though I wanted to sleep, Stuck to the food plan on the last day, Gave it my all at the gym, completed 12 week challenge homework!!!

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  1. Hey! Great job on the first week. I was having trouble with formatting my blogspot post too, I think they were having issues yesterday.

    Keep up the good work!