Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Run

Again I say there was really nothing FUN about this run.... but I did it, and in two minutes less than last year's time to boot. WITH knee pain, a pita knee brace that kept pinching and bunching and side stitches, by slightly more than two minutes!

I know some of you may think "What?? Nearly 40 minutes to run 4.5 km's? I could do it in half the time!" I am not a runner. I'm trying to be, but I'm at the start of my running and simply unable to run more than a few minutes at a time. I do believe I ran about half the time, and my previous time for this race was 41:44 or something. My normal 5km time is closer to 45mins, so I feel like I accomplished a lot and am proud of myself.

I am absolutely exhausted though. It felt like a hell of a lot of effort and really tired me out. (It's the next day and I'm still pooped!) I was really irritated because when I crossed the line, they did not have the tickets with your place on them. Which means that when the results are posted, I will not be accurately placed at all. It likely doesn't matter to most people, but for me, it would have been nice to see the improvement and my accomplishment from the year before.

Anyways, today I am resting, possibly doing a walk later, but I seriously feel like I need the rest today. My rest day which was Wednesday was actually full on at kindy and then running to the bus stop a km away, and I was still sore from the day before at light and low class.

Last week after my weigh in on Monday, I weighed again on Wedesday and had lost about 0.3kg, then weighed again on Friday and had lost a whole 1.1 kg (in those two days). by the time my weigh in on Monday happened again, I was up again by 0.5 kg. This is why I weigh in once a week and not more. I had done nothing to have my weight increase between Friday and Monday and yet it did. I would have been perfectly happy with the 1kg weight loss from Monday to Monday if I were not aware of the half a kg fluctuation in between. I don't get it. So this week I'm waiting until Monday again. I'd rather see a little number going down than a big number go down then go up again.

Well, I shall go for now, this week's challenge is a 'buddy' challenge so I will add the pics of Melanie and I at the fun run in that thread.

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