Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday morning ass kickin

So we've recently (yesterday) started using Myfitnesspal. It se
ems good, but a little frustrating when it doesn't give you credit for calories burned during weight training. Right now I feel like I'm on the right track. Tomorrow is weigh in day. (Yay?) I feel good. I know I've lost a few cm in my belly which is great and my waist.

Today was day 2ish on c25k week 2. I suffered a little near the end. The treadmill I was on did not incline and I usually have it at least on 1 and I couldn't, so I ran flat. My calves started hurting about 2/3rds of the way through. I pushed and pushed through (I stopped to stretch my calves twice but only for a couple seconds and jump back on). I actually did better than the last time with 3.4km in 31 mins. (YAY)

So here's me after the treadmill attacked me today.

Sa no like running sometimes. I look a little stunned and had literally just stopped running and was still breathing hard. (Attractive picture eh?)

So after this, we did a couple weight machines, but then went into the empty class room to kick our butts a little. Our buddy Kelly came for a good ass whuppin and got one! We started out with a little boxing, (two boxed, one did jumping jacks) Got in the remaining 80 today and completed our 200 for the weekly challenge. We'd switch around so everyone got a turn doing everything. Did some lunges across the room, some squats and wall sits, tricep extensions and dips, crunches and a few other things at this point which I don't remember.

So I feel sufficiently worked today and expect to be sore tomorrow (when we will be going bowling and using those arms, well the right one, even more). That's me for today.

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