Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear poor girl on the bike at the gym,

I know I apologised at the the time, and even after the class. But I thought you deserved a public apology. I apologise for the disturbing scene that you had a front row for whilst you attempted to partake in your gym activity. No one deserves to witness me shaking my fat bum in a poor attempt at a Zumba class. I also apologise for the totally lack of co-ordination and bad rhythm that I displayed. I truly hope that you are able to sleep tonight. ;)

To the Instructor Dude with the Hat,

Thanks for not laughing at me and for making the class seem at least do-able for a clumsy woman like myself . Thank you for also not making it so tricky that I fell on my ass. Thank you for also wearing that awesome Bermuda hat the whole class. It was stylish! And amusing. VERY amusing.

It looked like this. On a spindly little white boy Instructor. In Muscle shirt.

Dear Sa,

I had fun!!! Let's do that again! :) I might even learn how to dance...or not. :P

Your clumsy uncoordinated Gym Partner,

P.s - girl on the bike....I am really, really, REALLY, REALLY Sorry. Again. Bill me for the therapy,

(from Sa)

Hahahahhahaha... That's hilarious... I did say before the class started we should shut the curtains! And I agree, we shall do that again. It was fun even if we did make up our own moves occasionally! I also would like to thank white, white boy gym instructor for adding in jumping jacks which helped towards our 200 count
And thanks for addressing me personally. I feel so special!

Btw, after this class we had to run and leap through a heavy rain storm and were both soaked by the time we got to the car some couple hundred meters away.

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