Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mel's/Sunshine's 12 week Challenge - Week 1.

I have been on this wagon before. I waged that battle and won. I felt fantastic when I final made my goal weight. And now I just feel like I failed. I *know* that I haven't failed, I have kept off half the weight now for over 2 years. But I not where I was or want to be. I'm hoping that this challenge will help me to get back to where I should be..Physically and mentally. I have great expectations!

Anyway...onto the challenge!

Do Life challenge week one.

1 Month Goals:

·       Eat well - cut down on processed foods

·       Lose 8 kg

·       Exercise at least 4 times a week

·       Drink at least 2 litres of water

·       5k in  40 mins

Where I am at now 2 Jan:

·       eat well - work in progress , got back on track 2/1

·       Lose 8 kg - 93.6kg currently. ( Yep its out there)

·       exercise at least 4 times a week- 1 down 4 to go

·       Drink at least 2 litres of water - Work in progress.

·       5k in 40 min - currently 45min. ( mostly walking)

Biggest excuse for not working out is TIME! Never seems to be enough hours in the day. Being a mummy to 3 kids, wife and working doesn't seem to leave me with much me time. Now Im waking up early to MAKE time!

We smashed out an extra intense workout for the Intermediate level for the Challenge!


Push ups - 26 modified. After an arm workout doh. silly me!

My Four good things per day:

Monday 2/1

·       Got up early to exercise

·       Drank lots of water

·       Did a huge clean up

·       had a friend over for dinner

Tuesday 3/2

·       Went to the gym and did a class

·       Spent time with the kids at the aquarium

·       Drank lots of water

·       Ate well!

Wednesday 3/1

·       Ate well

·       Worked and didn’t eat Lollies from the drawer at work!

·       Drank plenty of water

Thursday 4/1

·       Got up early and ran.

·       Ate awesomely!

·       Worked and resisted the junk in the drawer

·       Drank loads of water!

Friday 5/1

·       Was Nice to My Mother In Law. We don’t exactly see eye to eye. ( this counts right??)

·       Ate well - resisted Ice cream AND cheesecake at the In laws.

·       Exercised – ran 5 k!

·       Had a Healthy lunch at work!

Saturday 6/1

NEW SHOES!!!! One good thing!!

·       Gonna go try them out!

·       Ate great. Healthy Fast options at work!


Sunday 7/1

·       Major Gym Session!
·       Going out for dinner and eating on plan

·       Resisted Alcohol - drank coke zero

·       7 days of amazing eating!!

Great week one. Feeling great about the first week. We worked out hard!  Early morning before the sun came up even!  5 am running is hardcore!!!

5am is never pretty. ahah!

No workout for me tomorrow am.. Im off to give Blood at 8 am. So Drinking lots of fluids!!! Back to regular food tomorrow. Rocked out 7 awesome low carb days. Woohoo!!

Bring On week 2 I say.


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  1. Awesome job! Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading everyone's progress week to week. It is so exciting!