Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - Are you ready?

So as Sa has posted below...tomorrow is the new beginning of our healthy lifestyle change! We are both super excited to get going and to move and watch the excess Baggage fall off!!! We gonna be fitter, healthier, Happier and HOT in 2012!!! Tomorrow will see us drop most carbs for 6 days ( usually we do 7 but I have a social event next Sunday that will not work out), weigh in and do measurements so we can see the changes in our bodies over the coming weeks. we are also participation in the "Do Life 12 week Challenge " which we are both really excited to be a part of too! it will be fun to see what the next 12 weeks will bring for us!!!

SO... tomorrow will also see new before Photos..They will be up here of is all about accountability people!!  Im super keen, Sa is too... stay tunes fans, This is gonna be one hell of  ride!!!

 Always remember!! 

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